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Mother, I am your pride!









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Terraced field of mountain of centipede of area of source of inhaling county market, cameraman @ hall is little / heavenly body institute
Look: Hill, it is in that way verdant; Water, be in that way cool; Village, it is in that way halcyon; Street alley, it is in that way auspicious...
Listen: The childish language of the children in adventure playground plays how ringing, how the laugh of old people in culture auditorium is bright and clear, the singing of picked woman in the orchard of the branch that press a turn how thoroughly delighted...
This is the camera lens of a group of common in National Day long holiday; This is a republic 70 a chronicle of sb's life rough Fan Lezhang! Friend, no matter you have many busy, go so that have many far, or is in an alien land that be separated by vast oceans, in the festival of this the whole world or nation joins in he jubilation, certainly a kind of deep feeling is in in the bosom agitate: Dear mother, we are you proud, bless for you!
70 years encourage act vigorously is entered, 70 years of time brings a great change to the worlds, we once the mother of affliction ran already about: You, erect chest; You, heroic bearing valiant; You, the walking on the road of advanced travel clang!   
Ancient bronze mirror is gone to know to come, recall the past in the light of the present, today's China children is more more prouder than any moment, proud, more personal feeling complacently!
Be, this is the China with ceaseless creation miracle, brilliant casting. Ever somebody says or state with certainty, "Communist Party political power cannot last 3 months " . Also somebody is fatidical, "China solves a few people absolutely impossibly have a meal problem " . However, cheng of 70 single-page calendar, hard fact gave out to respond to best: We left commodity is in short supply, threw away all sorts of ticket card, from " be on short commons of 40 thousand 10 thousand people " to " nearly 1.4 billion person does not eat " , endure the torments of hunger, the day of life tired out, already was gone forever!
March toward well-off from poverty, we came true the most large-scale on the world decrease deficient, poor occurence rate by 97.5% drop 1.7% . We should like to ask, which country, which political party is there to you can have such power on the world? !
From " a screw should be imported " to " worlds of a variety of 220 industrial product crop the first " , we owned the most complete industry system on the world; From " east is red " enter the space " goddess in the moon " fall month, from " flood dragon dragon " go greatly " revive date " get run, we built the the the fastest railroad on the world, longest bridge, busiest port... we should like to ask, which country, which nation has been created again such brilliant? !
Far more than is actually such, road of bridge of boat of Chinese car, China, China, China... of another capitalization " China " ah, dress up our mother Feng Rongqing is beautifully, more appear in all her glory!
10 thousand lis of Jiang Haitong, world of a poetic name of China is wide. 70 years, a glaring develops the time lay off that run quickly curve: Today, the GDP that we create 5 days every, be equivalent to 1952 a year; Today, our economic gross exceeds 90 trillion yuan, the 2nd old economy of certain room world body... the Chinese nation came true from stand up, rich rise strong the great leap that rise!
Such mother, which children is her proud? !
Elder brother of red of Beijing Shanghai tall iron is especially big the bridge, make an appointment with 165 kilometers endlong, it is the longest bridge on the world, cameraman @ Wang Lu / heavenly body institute
Be, this is politics connect the support of the people, China that live and work in peace and contentment. "Long heave a deep sigh with tears of attack by surprise, the difficult of sad the people's livelihood. " if Qu Yuan lives in today's China, the wording and purpose of what one writes which conference appears such " from coquettish " ! Come 70 years, revise to constitution greatly, small to revolution of rubbish processing, toilet, we solve good people to care most ceaselessly the directest the realest interest problem, each a tiny drop " entropy is decreased " , the home of warm everybody, the picture scroll of the people's livelihood with the the vividdest, grandest draw.
"De Weishan politics, politics raising civilian. " from queue up to move by the ticket " the second pays " , never leave home to be able to order meal, shop, buy ticket, registration, the Chinese takes the lead in " a mobile phone takes the world " ; Go to healthy China from barefoot doctor, cure of the whole people protects basic implementation, life expectancy of dweller average per capita rises from 35 years old, the Chinese must have quality more and more alive; Reach the modern village with all ready establishment from building of adobe room, tube, about 200 million difficult masses became round An Jumeng, the Chinese lives more and more clear.
"Le Minzhi is happy person, civilian also Le Jile. " speak of to go up century of 50 time " maple bridge experience " , believe familiar to the ear of a lot of people can detailed: "Bagatelle does not give village, important matter not to give town, contradiction to be not handed in " , those who bring is a home harmonious, door door unruffled. From " for civilian do advocate " to " by civilian do advocate " , "Maple bridge experience " experience is long cover is new, by miniascape Wei Ran makes a view, be apt to studies rustic blow on the face and come, "Restful China " the life common that becomes an innumberable families.
This is the home that we keep watch jointly! This is the historical great change of the surging forward with great momentum that we experience, we are witnessing maternal old appearance to change every day new colour! Of new China " new " , be the land of country not only is new, be the new, spiritual outlook that common people lives more is new. Result from just about new, the future that each dream Dou Meng is less than is illuminated into reality; Result from just about new, of the Chinese " rice bowl " rose more, "Purse " be roused, "Back " hard rose.
Install bleachery of chili of market of great capacity, the Alan that cameraman @ is in distance / heavenly body institute
really truly, our people never resembles today such feel proud and elated, never resemble such happiness are in good health today!
Be, this is each nation keeps abreast of hand in hand, build the China that share in all. People still remembers, go up century 50 time, uncle of that lovely library Er class is riding county of Xinjiang Yu Tian donkey enters Beijing, walked along a many month to had not walked out of Taklimakan desert. However do you know, today, occupy the Xinjiang of land area 1/6, the freeway breaks through 5000 kilometers, operation airport 21, urumqi has everyday fall since on 1000 planes.
What we go after is comparatively well-off, it is the comprehensive well-off that a people does not fall: How does the Zhejiang honest in drape of Cang Zaiqun hill issue Jiang Cun, from " very grain of adobe room, half an year, female do not marry Jiang Lang " , decay is " yellow hair early childhood, contented from happy " " green rich beauty " , became the source of contemporary peach blossom with yearning everybody; The Drung nationality of Yunnan tribute hill in big hill, a channel lets the person in hill leave day ladder, a reticle is inserted for special local product went up to fly off the wing of big hill, your look, this " pass a nation continuously " one pace spans chiliad; The Miao Zhai of 18 hole villages of West Hunan, door door connected tap water, domestic home had new industry, the villager sighs with emotion: "Essence of life helps deficient up definitely, the change that allows 5 years exceeds a few years " ...
Friend, do not know you to have been to Xinjiang tower city? Posture of a few nations defends this border town to look, some families have a few, even ten nations. Here, if you ask about: "Which nation are you? " tower city person can hold out a chest to reply proudly: "The Chinese nation! "The Chinese nation!!
70 years, the story without number that the people unites, the flower that keeps abreast of hand in hand blossoms everywhere. In big family of the Chinese nation, sister of 56 nations brother is as close as brothers, homocentric build a dream, close in that way like pomegranate seed hug is together!
Whose breadth of mind will be such gain is big, arrive greatly can you hold 56 nations? Whose force will be so striking, can you make nearly 1.4 billion person homocentric build a dream? It is you, china! It is you, mother!
Be, this is open include, bigger and bigger to world contribution China. From anxious " by discharge ball book " to approach " in the center of world stage " , we opened be in harmony to enter the gate of tendency of the day, act vigorously barge-pole hits water, strive upper reaches. Ceng Ji is denied, massacre You Ms. You guides element of green Hao of group research and development kind the medicaments that fight impaludism, rescued global millions the person's life; Yuan Long Pingxian gives birth to the cross paddy of research, already was in the whole world air plant of 40 many nations, annual the commissariat of increase production can support about 80 million population more.
"The boat is big person allow to weigh, ma Jun person Yuan Chi. " the China now, make the whole world country of commerce of the biggest goods, main commerce is companionate " the friend is encircled " expand 120 many. Borrowing " one belt all the way " east wind, take China " express " the friend is increasing: In Saierweiya, of river steel group " renascence of a steelworks, happy a city " ; In Maldives, exclaim China builds dwellers the first when rise " lie wavelengh rainbow " ; In White Russia, had a car to make for the first time...
From growth contribution, commerce contribution, to the contribution that decrease deficient, green contribution, today's China, the contributive rate that increases to world economy is in about 30% , make global peace progress " stable anchor " , world prosperity progresses " engine " , of win-win of each country collaboration " roll booster " .
Such mother, can you let hair of children of every an ancient name for China feel proud from inner ground how again? !
Homebred big airlines appears, the picture comes from @VCG
Be, this is the China that everyone goes colour, vigor to burst forth. A minute of written in water, what can China produce after all? Countrywide GDP increases 1. 700 million yuan, " revive date " ongoing 5833 rice, shift pay amount to exceed 400 million yuan, 26 people are on working station... " each minutes of China, write a miracle in the book! " this is netizen hair from the bottom of one's heart plaint.
A minute short, these adv unimaginably change, those who witnessed Chinese development flourishingly pulsatile. Today's China, the China of a flow, the China that an innovation vigor flushs, an everybody chases after the China of the dream, one allows millions upon millions young man and woman more the China of attaching! All these, result from love, we love this village god greatly!
All these, result from love, we love our motherland mother greatly! All these, result from love, the phlogistic yellow impress that does not go is wiped on our body, unripe and the heart with respect to some a newborn baby!
Always a kind of force lets us burst into tears, always have the travel before a kind of force lets our Yong Yi. The motherland, because your hope is our hope, because your affliction is our affliction, go on the highroad that the nation revives, jubilate for you, for your help sb to get over a difficulty, we are mixed from beginning to end your honour or disgrace and in all!
In the Yellow River of have a common boundary of advance short for Shaanxi Province, cameraman @ Xu Zhaochao / heavenly body institute
70 years, in historical endless flow just brief an instant, changed the destiny of Chinese people, the Chinese nation so deeply however. We at " poor " start, in " break down the brim " bend forward row, with " encourage act vigorously is entered " dozen go all out, let motherland mother throw hundred years affliction back, a few acting people confused threw back with hesitation, came true from " catch up with a times " to " lead a period " great span!
Jiang He 10 thousand lis of total active, cultivate Gao Qian feet to also have a root. Today, it is when us when the bumper harvest of flavour of open country top grade of paddy billow billow is happy, in the park of numerous Hua Shijin when us ramble roams when, take like greased lightning Gao Tie to all be enjoyed when us when those who lie fallow is happy, cannot forget for the nation independence and people liberate the people with lofty ideals that makes contribution, cannot forget to build the older generation leader of outstanding exploit to new China holds water and develop, all hero model that cannot forget to be new China to build development to give life and advanced character.
Today, can accuse comfort theirs is, their ideal is coming true, their career is continueing, the history that they write is sure to be continued to write by us. We are OK ground of feel no regret reports to the mother: We won this 70 years!
We are being touched, we are being explored, we are thoughtful: Go and now, if where the 100 broad road that the nation finds to revive in turning 1000 times? China and world, if where,adjust the implementation in agreeing to flourish jointly?
Time is the greatest person that write, also be the greatest test and verify person. The sequence of thought that develops along the history traces to the source, ability sees the way of clear advancement, the force of the travel before the saving. Go all the way, lovely mother, today's millions upon millions children is more self-confident!
Because,this is, we have a Chinese Communist to lead -- the heart that this hundred years great party holds an a newborn baby from beginning to end. Come 70 years, we ever encountered block and keep within limits, ever had previous impetuous and rash advance, ever experienced the test of epidemic situation of the flood, earthquake, SARS, the challenge that ever also faced friction of financial crisis, trade... however, rain of at one's convenience suddenly wind billow of mad, wave height is urgent, "Chinese date " a large ship resolutely cleave through the waves, hoist the sails Yuan Hang.
What is the miracle? Song heart says, the miracle is the child with the most favorite belief. Come 70 years, generation acting Communist stands fast devotional, do not forget first heart, from beginning to end bosom " people dreams " , seek solution " what people lives to happiness is yearning " . Throw a head from revolutionary time, spill warm blood, to construction period tells dedication, dare ascend climb, explore to the brave in reforming spring tide again, charge new way, in every juncture of every great history, important crossroad, they are strong be in a foremost that, they are a the heaviest that to instigate, they are to defend a final that.
Your look, of physics of Chinese aviation earth contemporary history, of the Huang Danian below the record first heart; Countless ill patients see light again, those who witnessed Yao Yufeng first heart; The father fellow-townsman of ground of Fujian Beijing University is close, unforgettable write down " illuminant cadre " of Liao Junbo first heart... the party flag with one side bright red face, agglomeration has boundless power, guide Chinese people to drive a cart in ragged clothes to blaze a new trail-endure great hardships in pioneer work, monarch divides hazel rank grass, move toward brilliant, trend to revive.
The fact proves Demosthenicly: Without the Communist Party, do not have new China! Hold to Chinese Communist leader, it is the historical choice, people's choice, choice of the times, it is the cause with 70 years of the most fundamental great change and the biggest logic.
Because,this is, we walked out of a terrestrial correct path that revives to the nation. "Road ten million, the canal uses the first. " implementation China dream, must take Chinese way, that is road of Chinese characteristic socialism. We start journey of course of study from Shanghai go in that alley, we go from the narrow meandering footpath with winding rugged of the Jinggang Mountains, we go from inside 25 thousand lis jeopardy hardships and dangers, we go from the loess plateau of gully freely... to today, extend in all directions, dotted broad road leaves in Chinese earth laid. Dare is ask the way in He Fang? The road falls in the foot!
Tibetan Lin Zhitao spends the way of channel, cameraman @ Ge Hongjun / heavenly body institute
Just about along this China road, just make socialism advantageous the system releases force of Jing Tian Wei, the China that just lets suffer misery changed the world, the old people that just lets accumulate deficient accumulating to lose all is exhibited new colour. This road is not fall from the day fly peak, also not be others eleemosynary exotic, it is ceaseless in advancement quench come out, chinese people uses blood and life, wisdom and sweat to be changed.
This road, root establish the Chinese earth at kilometer of 960 much square, complied with the apiration of nearly 1.4 billion people, got used to China and the demand that the times expands!
No matter go again far, no matter how success is brilliant, we also cannot forget the way when coming -- cannot forgetting revolutionary regime is how come, new China is how come, today's happy life is how come... myriad fact proof: Only socialistic ability saves China, only ability of Chinese characteristic socialism develops China, no matter encounter what difficulty, we also should make sure Chinese road impartiality leaves, changeless form, not go out of form, the great banner that lets Chinese characteristic socialism is in from beginning to end the bright clear sky of the motherland is high and flying!
Because,this is, we find decision China destiny " the key is enrolled " . Turn one's head is old, we ever also had had the descent of 3 years of natural disaster, in having exploration serious and labyrinthian... without reforming and opening, do not have China today, also do not have China tomorrow. 40 old before, we with " fight a way of a blood " daring, with " one share is enraged ah, strong ah " , pulled open big screen of reforming and opening. 40 years of a snap of the fingers between one brandish, small post breaks ice, shenzhen Xing Tao, pudong chases billow, male An Yangbo... be recumbent reforming and opening this great creation, we break through thought confine, do away with system hedge, spurt of China of an ancient name for China gives out big barren mighty force, the prophet with the boldest even if, also won't have visions of this old state " epic the progress like " .
Square of Shenzhen Shekou time. Picture origin @VCG
"Do not ascend a high mountain, do not know hill tall; Do not face deep brook, do not know the land thick. " go from inside be challenged, we are more sober, reforming and opening is " the key is enrolled " " the only way " . Today's China, deepen reform to enter deep water area in the round, "Do not change " the answer is sturdier, "What to change " " how to change " path is clearer, to deepen reform to want power, earth of an ancient name for China is sure the vigor of opportunity of survival with more powerful coruscate.
Because,this is, our people is the power source that creates the history. Be attributed to people, force gloriously to result from people, people is the gas of the largest base that our party is in office. Come 70 years, from spirit of the red boat spirit of revolutionary period, the Jinggang Mountains, long march spirit, Yan'an spirit, spirit of the Daqing spirit after holding water to new China, red flag canal, " two play one bit " spirit, arrive again the manned spaceflight spirit since reforming and opening, aseismatic spirit providing disaster relief... be these spirit, gifted cross of motherland mother all previous and castiron distinctive temperament; Be these spirit, brought up the resolute character and morals of wear armor and carry weapons-be a warrior of the Chinese nation.
"Republican decoration " look, clearly of figure of that each Wei bank is in eye: To block blowout up, king of iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength enters slop of happy jump make a leap; Fierce wind indulge in wilful persecution, salary of public servant anxious abundant is the first treat sand to block blast tuyere up; To build " national defence shield " , conceal one's identity of scientist Yu Min 28 carry... stop these, it is beside us, still have the countless person that struggle, person that pursue a dream. They are engineer, big countries angel of craftsman, white garment, it is the cadre is stationed in a village of a gleam of that take off deficient, the first secretary, it is worker of express little elder brother, environmental sanitation, taxi driver...
Everybody is cornerstone, build Great Wall of republican iron and steel; Everybody is surfy, collected the motherland to gallop the Jiang He that does not cease. Be the vivid practice of nearly 1.4 billion person, agglomeration has the the deepest, greatest power building a dream on the world, change the world of people of the China since agitate, assault fortified positions overcomes difficult lofty ideal lofty sentiments!
Picture origin @VCG
70 old songs not ended, today's China, more adjacent than any period on the history, have confidence, more capable implementation more the Chinese nation is great revive!
This is Liang Qichao what call " Chang Sai will come, chang Gan abnormality " " teenager China " ; It is Li Dazhao what expect " take culture for the world, build happiness for the mankind " " green China " ; Be longing of place of local records quick " joyous song was replaced n wailful, smiling face was replaced cry face, rich replaced poverty, health replaced sufferings " " lovely China " .
"Uprise is grand between heaven and earth, great river is boundless and indistinct go be not being returned. " have what kind of mind, can see a what kind of world. Look at future, what about is the China of everybody longing? Build comparatively well-off society in the round, this chiliad dreams already tentacle can be reached; The 2nd hundred years struggling target also is going steadily toward us: To this century middle period, the Chinese nation of the socialistic modernization power that will build prosperous and strong and democratic civilized and harmonious beauty, implementation is great revive.
This is the earnest acceptance of a great party, the lofty aspirations and great ideals of a big country, the light of a nation did not come!
To at that time, the country is more prosperous and strong, all people comes true basically collective and rich, common people life is more happy and in good health; To at that time, the blind area that also does not have impoverished blind angle, education again, iatrical is short board; To at that time, the environment is more pure and fresh, the society is juster, obtain employment is more sufficient; To at that time, come true better young somewhat Yo, learn to teach somewhat, ill somewhat cure, weak help up somewhat, often raise somewhat... to at that time, we proclaim OK and proudly: The Chinese nation with more high-spirited attitude stand erect at world east!
On October 1, 2019, congratulatory People's Republic of China establishs congress 70 years to be held ceremoniously in Beijing Tiananmen Square.
Face 2049, we run go up in the road, our mission is infinite halo, this is the passionate combustion years that belongs to us. We know very well, the boat arrives midstream billow is urgenter, the person arrives half hill road is steeper, the risk test on progressive path is met only more and more complex, can encounter adv unimaginably a situation full of danger even! But, have the strong leader of the Chinese Communist, those who have motherland mother is solid rely on, mix when situation still be in me, our confidence is full of, our passion have one's bosom filled with, our progressive path bespreads sunshine!
On new journey, we have annals not to change, the talk is constant sturdy. Road of Chinese characteristic socialism, for contemporary China development progress is built firm cornerstone, point to clear direction. Firewood fire according to legend, carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future, great fight still is continueing, great project still is in build, great cause still is entered in act vigorously, we do not go absolutely close the old road of become rigid, do not walk along the evil ways of Yi Zhi changing a standard, no matter go, still will come now, we do not waver in the least the ground takes way of Chinese characteristic socialism. Only such, ability lets add of Geng of this world correct path not exhaust, lead to more brilliant distance!
Liaoning naval vessel
On new journey, we have those who enter difficulty is dozen of tough fight, tough. Reforming and opening, it is the times temperament that China rises abruptly. The world is in hundred years those who have no is big change bureau, wave cunning cloud cheats, billow goes straight towards wave, "Chinese date " hard to avoid of a large ship undergoes the severe test with changeable international; Advance high quality development, release vigor, transition to upgrade, each pace is not easy; Be ensured better and improve the people's livelihood, satisfy the new requirement that people increases ceaselessly, the title is captured urgently like which... solve all these, besides deepen reform, expand open, do not have his road. "The person that know oneself flower, from winner hero. " course of 70 years tells us: Want us to be begged active meet an emergency, actively only change, undertake reform after all, move toward the world actively, embrace the world, did not stride the bank that goes nevertheless, can change danger to be certainly machine!
On new journey, we have brave to struggle, dare ascend those who climb spell interest. "Life everything must is oneself, kui pace country namely boundless. " the Chinese nation is great revive, absolutely the light light Song Song, feel uncertain that strike gong can not come true, we must prepare to give more more arduous, tough effort. New era is the times of the person that struggle. New era belongs each person, today's China is by each " you " dozen go all out and come! "Let all labor explode a scintilla, let all actions give out glorious " , this word that people artist often abandons, it is best to motherland mother greeting!
Xinjiang cornfield bumper harvest, cameraman @ Lai Yu is peaceful / heavenly body institute
There is a dream in wanting a heart only, advancement can have power. The city that no matter you are in,insecurity busies, in the country that labor force revitalizes, in meticulous and rigorous lab, go up in the line of defence side snow rain hardships of a journey or of one's life... want each China children only bend forward body act vigorously is entered, each China dream can blossom loftily; Want each dream jointing to grow only, can play the extensive great movement that the nation revives certainly.
Prospective China, be sure is the beautiful China of green water green hill, it is the happy China with happy life, it is the harmonious China with urban and rural confluence, homocentric nation!
Prospective China, be sure is the prosperous and strong China with substantial national power, it is hair of 1000 sail contest, 100 barge contend for drifting vigor China!
Prospective China, be sure is the open China that travels together hand in hand with the world, it is collective construction " each beauty its beauty, beautiful beauty and in all, the world Great Harmony " good China!
Of overflow of Jia Xingbi heave south lake attest, ruijin overflows the azalea attest of hill blackish red, south the cereal spic attest of slimy bay heavy, xi Baipo's forceful pine attest, the attest of 10 thousand lis of the land of country of the motherland...
(author / Ren Xinping edits / the crane cries)
(origin: Study a group)

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